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Kickstarter set to push Polyquad into production phase

PolyquadVisionary Aircraft's Polyquad is a new multi-rotor UAV platform that can perform complex aerial tasks. Not only can it record and transmit video it is also able to obtain topographic information using precise G.P.S. calculations. When paired with the visionary mobile command station the Polyquad even has the ability to transmit interactive telemetry, video, and GPS information. It is now possible to monitor, record, and analyze your drones data remotely! The applications for this system are limitless.. commercial and real estate development, property surveillance, search and rescue, animal tracking, and scientific research. Visionary Aircraft is currently seeking funding from Kickstarter to push the Polyquad into production phase. With your contributions the Polyquad will become available for distribution in 2014.

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Real Estate
Visionary Aircraft provides a variety of aerial packages and services for real estate videography and photography. Visionary aircraft also has complete packages which include a video walkthrough of the home. Imagine descending from the sky and flying right into your home. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment
List your property like never before.

Flite Evolution Distribution
Visionary Aircraft teams with Flite Evolution to deliver quality products

AerobotFlite Evolution is now the primary distributor for all of Visionary Aircraft's products. Flite Evolution also offers the The Aerobot, an automated fixed wing platform designed for first person video. Flight Evolution is a dealer for the uThere Ruby autopilot and RangeVideo products. Flite Evolution has also taken over Visionary Aircraft's 3D Robotics distribution. Our customers have the option to buy a Ruby autopilot or a customizable Ardupilot system in their Ready to fly UAV systems.